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The Victorian Pharmacy Authority is established under the Pharmacy Regulation Act 2010 (the Act) and is the successor in law to the Pharmacy Board of Victoria. It is responsible for administration of the Act which provides for the regulation of pharmacy businesses, pharmacy departments and pharmacy depots.

The Authority
The Authority consists of six members nominated by the Minister for Health and appointed by the Governor in Council. Four members are registered pharmacists, one is a lawyer and one is a community member.

From 1 July 2018 the members are as follows:

Mr David McConville Chair Pharmacist member
Mrs Esther Alter   Lawyer member
Ms Cassie Fersterer   Pharmacist member
Mr Brendon Moar   Pharmacist member
Ms Marie Ritchie   Community member
Mr Giuseppe (Joey) Calandra   Pharmacist member

Our Function

The Authority has the following functions:
    (a)    to license a person to carry on a pharmacy business or a pharmacy department;
    (b)    to register the premises of a pharmacy business, pharmacy department or pharmacy depot;
    (c)    to issue standards in relation to the operation of pharmacies, pharmacy businesses, pharmacy
            departments and pharmacy depots;
    (d)    to advise the Minister on any matters relating to its functions;
    (e)    when so requested by the Minister, to give to the Minister any information reasonably required by
            the Minister;
    (f)    to keep a public register;
    (g)    any other function conferred on the Authority by or under the Act or any other Act. 

Assisting Pharmacists

The Authority will provide information for licensees and pharmacists practising in registered premises to assist them in their practice and compliance with legislation.